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What is greywater?
Greywater comes from tub and shower drains, bathroom sinks, and washing machines. It is not wastewater from toilets and kitchens, which is considered blackwater and can only be processed at sewage treatment plants. Drinking water is precious. Use it twice to minimize environmental impact and save on utility bills.
How can I recycle greywater?
How greywater is recycled determines how it's used. A basic laundry to landscape system limits landscaping to what can be gravity fed. Our Greenergy unit will support a drip-irrigation system of any size. The combination of filters with sand, carbon and other media, along with UV light, delivers water suitable for subsurface irrigation. With Greenergy, you save money and minimize environmental impact, all at the same time!
Is Greenergy a smart choice?
The Greenergy system uses the best available technology. Our intuitive design is based on real-world construction and plumbing experience. Biology, chemistry, and health/building department codes were used to develop a greywater recycling unit that is easy to install, use, and maintain. Ours is the only IAPMO certified, UPC listed system on the market, just like every other trusted plumbing fixture in your home. Be safe, go green.
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